Esther Amito Onek

Throughout my life, I have encountered setbacks & challenges, but each and every time, I have grown stronger and more resilient. I have experienced more in my short life than most people will throughout their entire lives. I was born in Parjok, a small town of about 50,000 people in South Sudan and at the tender age of 3, I fell into a fire leaving permanent damage. After then escaping rebel soldiers we had to spend several years in a refugee camp before moving permanently to Australia in 2003, where I became a citizen, and learnt to speak fluent English.
I’ve shown a commitment and passion to creating a better life for myself which I have successfully achieved. My prospects at high school didn’t look good according to some, but I proved everybody wrong, completing my TEE and gaining entrance to Curtin University. I completed a Bachelor of Social Work in 2016 and got my first job with Women’s Health and Family Services as a Multicultural Women’s Domestic Violence Advocate. I am proud of where I’ve come from and am excited about the future. I know what it means to make sacrifices in order to achieve an ultimate goal, and I bring this attitude into my professional life too.