Speakers & Presenters

Scott Darlow

Scott is a well respected musician and storyteller who presents sought after workshops for youth. His mission is to unite cultures through his love of music, promoting forgiveness, love, understanding, tolerance and empathy.Scott Darlow Pic

For more than ten years, Scott has been one of the countries hardest working and most successful independent artists. The versatile singer/guitarist/didgeridoo player from Yorta Yorta country has released five albums, both with his band The Darlow show and more recently as a solo artist. He has toured Australia more times than he can remember, and this year released his first solo album, Sorry. Scott is a World Vision Artist, using his charm and humor far and wide, from the biggest festivals to the smallest club crowds to raise awareness and funds for World Vision Australia’s Indigenous program. He also partners with Australians Together, helping churches and schools understand the heart of the problems in our nation and respond to Indigenous disadvantage.


Sabrina Hahn

sabrina 1Sabrina Hahn is a whole lot of hort with heart – master gardener, storyteller of note, qualified horticulturalist with a passion for the creation of sustainable environments that bring life back into cities and rural areas. Her mantra is to encourage others to take on a caretaker role within their own back yards so that future generations have access to a healthy planet.

An obsessive gardener, she started landscaping at the age of four: stripping flowers and foliage from her grandmother’s yard, creating magical miniature gardens all in her Nan’s baking trays. Since then, Sabrina has shared her passion and knowledge with folks all around the world, inspiring them to create meaningful connections with nature through sustainable gardening practices.

Sabrina has shared her stories and passion for green spaces on ABC radio for over 25 years, being one of the earliest pioneers to promote sustainable gardening practices in the media. She is a highly entertaining public speaker, and MC, she writes a twice-weekly gardening column in The West Australian, and also contributes articles for Gardening Australia and Organic Gardener.

Her extensive knowledge on gardening comes from a scientific background of horticulture, soil science, entomology and botany. Sabrina has been awarded a lifetime membership from the Nursery and Garden Industry of Western Australia, and nominated for Australian of the Year for her services to the industry.

Sabrina has worked extensively for the past decade in remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley developing edible gardens so that Aboriginal people have greater access to healthy food and become more sustainable. She believes the availability of healthy, fresh food will have a positive impact on the health of children in remote areas where fresh vegetables are a luxury. She has formed friendships with women elders in communities to enable them to propagate their own bush tucker and bush medicine plants so that their knowledge is passed on the next generation.

Sabrina is also a published author with three books under her belt – Sabrina’s Little ABC Book of Gardening, Sabrina’s Juicy Little Book of Citrus and Dirty Deeds.

Dr Robert Hoskin

Dr Robert Hoskin, a retired minister of the Uniting Church and member of the Boab Network (a Perth based volunteer organisation journeying with the people of Mowanjum in the Kimberley), has related to Mowanjum for almost twenty years.


In that time, he has assisted with the annual Arts and Culture Festival and undertaken many trips to traditional lands with families from Mowanjum. He has recently completed a PhD exploring what it means to organise and collaborate with Aboriginal families as they encounter these lands, and a book Return to Majaddin: A Kimberley Homecoming, which tells the story of a Mowanjum family (see https://thekimberleyvoice.com.au)
Summary of presentation:

At our Deep Listening Festival, Robert will share insights from twenty years of listening to the Aboriginal community of Mowanjum as they encountered and experienced their connection with land and sea. Their relationship, forged from over 50,000 years, challenges our Western and colonialist attitudes and behaviours that emerge from a disconnected response to both land and the first peoples of the land. His presentations will include Aboriginal voices, shared and recorded in his dissertation and the book, Return to Majaddin.

Guest Presenters

Bella’s Challenge

Bella Burgemeister is the Author of the book Bella’s Challenge.

thumbnail_Bellas Challenege (002)

Bella Burgemeister

At 10 Bella was inspired by The World’s Largest Lesson by Malala Yousafzai and the 17 UN Global Goals for  Sustainable Development. Bella realised the importance of the Global Goals and wanted to help.
Bella’s Challenge is a book about the 17 UN Global Goals turned into kids speak with easy challenges so kids can take action and help the Planet. Bella has given a book to schools in the Bunbury Area and goes into the schools to spread the 17 UN Global Goals and challenge students to take action.
All the money raised by Bella’s Challenge goes back into sustainable projects in line with the Global Goals.

Since January Bella has campaigned Bunbury City Council for Homeless lockers and after 11 months it is becoming a reality.
Bella loves hockey, basketball and yoga. Bella is a member of the Bunbury Youth Advisory Committee and Co-President of Millennium Kids Inc. You can read more about Bella’s Challenge here.

Ian Hackett – Tig-Le House

You are invited to join Margaret River local Ian Hackett from Tig-Le Dharma House in a meditative exploration reconnecting people with the living World utilizing sacred Universalist traditional mindfulness techniques.Ian Hackett - Tigle House
Ian has 30 years working experience in land conservation and regeneration, meditative training and practice which combine in an inseparable path of peacemaking, support for the growth of a healthy living World.

“Humanity, as custodians and stewards to this world, have the capacity to cultivate a thriving global ecological system, a starry jewel of life. And we have the capacity to nourish health and wellness for all lives through goodwill and solidarity beyond personal desires. Humanity is in real potential a global community working in support of life itself. This is what is meant by peace.”
~ by Ian Hackett, Tig-Le ~

Find out more about Tig-Le House on Facebook HERE

Sean Allen – Beyond Blue

Sean Allen BeyondBlue

Sean Allen – beyondblue speaker

Sean Allen is a semi-retired business owner who spent his working life running a successful martial arts academy. Since selling his business he has relocated to Margaret River, focused on his writing, surfing and working part time as a school teacher.
Sean is a volunteer speaker for beyondblue, a national organisation that works to raise awareness about anxiety and depression, reduce the associated stigma and encourage people to get help.
He became a beyondblue speaker because of his difficulties in handling his marriage breakdown and then losing a close friend to suicide.
Sean’s interests include surfing, exercise and travelling to unusual travel locations.

Sean will share his journey of hope, recovery and resilience in the face of depression and anxiety and will briefly cover what beyondblue does and how people can seek help, or support a friend or family member who may find themselves in a difficult position.

Find out more about beyondblue here.

Lisa Moriarty – Paths of Peace

Lisa Moriarty Paths of Peace

Lisa Gidlow Moriarty

Lisa Gidlow Moriarty is a Creative Artist/Designer, Spiritual Director, Master Labyrinth Maker, Certified Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator Mediator and Peacekeeping Circle Keeper.
Lisa joins us from Paths of Peace, in the USA. She will be giving an introduction to the Labyrinth, using our beautiful nature labyrinth set in the grounds of the Margaret River Uniting Church and will also facilitate a workshop were you will have the opportunity to explore creating your own labyrinth.
Find out more about Lisa at – http://www.pathsofpeace.com/about.html

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