We have some great workshops planned for our Deep Listening Festival 2020. Here’s some of what’s on offer on Saturday morning.

The Six Seasons – Undalup Association Inc.Undalup Logo

Saturday 11am – 12noon

The Undalup Association Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that supports and promotes cultural community events, projects and workshops – whilst recognising the importance of community, collaboration and communication – through our Association’s activities.
Their vision is to share the culture, traditions, knowledge and history of the Wadandi people with the broader South West communities to impart an understanding of the importance of Boodja (Country) and to teach the significance of, and respect for the Wadandi Elders and Traditional Cultural Custodians.

The Six Seasons workshop led by Tamara Jarrahmarri will involve a presentation on the noongar seasons, activity and discussion, and an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the stars and songlines.


IMG_0370Tape Art – Headspace

Saturday Morning

Join Madison Harper from Headspace Bunbury and create a unique piece of artwork using tape, paint and canvas. Great for kids and teens.


Growing strong together through compassionate collaboration

Saturday 11-12pmIan Hackett pic

Tig-Le House teacher and director Ian Hackett will share a story and meditative practice on compassion drawing on a source from Buddhist mythology.
“The ancient secular dharma tradition I am associated with focuses on meditative practices that support the development of an ethical framework growing our innate compassionate response that allows us to engage life well, the basis of which is Refuge”.
“We all need a sound foundation from which to grow strong so we can join the collective efforts. Refuge builds and maintains this ground and the relationships of individuality, family and friendships, community, society and human culture, the human species developing Refuge equal for all lives, for other species and the earth ecology where we can all grow strong and thrive together”.
“This beautiful story and meditative practice connect us to the essential principles of Refuge. Acknowledging and understanding our aspirations, limitations and strengths. That strength is guided by kindness, friendliness and care protecting lives from fear and harm. That there are many ways requiring diverse collaborations to grow strong together. That the sustained growth of peace and compassion is supported by the confidence that comes from a sacred love for life itself”.
All are invited to join the session which will take place on Saturday morning of our program.