We have some great workshops planned for our Deep Listening Festival 2019. See our program page for details on session times.

Building Bridges Workshop – Intercultural Group

Saturday 10 – 10.50pm

building bridgesThis workshop brings together people to be empowered, to explore, to share, to learn, to listen and most importantly, to have FUN!
Through a simple activity participants will create a vision map together with people from all backgrounds, showing that we have common ambitions and ideas in life, no matter where we are from.

The Inner Home: Finding a Contemplative Way in a Frantic World – Cathie Lambert

Saturday 2 – 3pm

In this workshop, we will explore together the inner home, the place within yourself that is unsullied, unaltered and unique. Participants will have the opportunity to take time to discover this space within themselves and identify the challenges of living contemplatively in today’s world. The workshop will include some input, but also times of reflection.

R U House Ready? – Naydeen Edwards

Saturday 1 – 2pm

In this workshop you will find out how R U House Ready was developed and explore what home means to you.  You will also find out more about homelessness, and how/why people face this issue. Learn about the RUHR model and how it enables people to move from homeless to home ownership.  See more at

Building a Place of Refuge

Saturday 11.10am – 12 noon

Ian will look at the topics of homelessness and multiculturalism through the lens of compassion as taught in the Buddha dharma tradition, which fits together with the aim of the practice of mindfulness.

Building a Nest – Community Installation

Saturday 10 – 10.50am

Throughout the festival you are invited to help build a nest of hope and life. Together we will weave our learnings, our challenges and our persona commitment to creating a safe place for all people in our communities.